Triskelekorakes, (Sphere Gk. Τρισκελεκόραξ, pl. Τρισκελεκόρακες), or the Three-legged Crows, are a species of animals based on the Three-legged crows of Egyptian and East Asian mythologies. They may or may not be sentient, and many of the sentient Triskelekorakes often have abilities to transform into a more human appearance. Triskelekorakes are native to Mauron, the first planet of the star Lampardion, to which Polysiton is attached.


Triskelekorakes are very tough and extremely resistant to heat, which isn't surprising given Mauron's high temperature resulting from its proximity to Lampardion. As their names would suggest, Triskelekorakes in their natural form sports 3 legs.


Triskelekorakes may embody different personalities, as reflected by the different settings provided by the each mythologies: Many triskelekorakes capable of space travel often travel around the sun as to make a pilgrimage to it, as in East Asian mythology the three-legged crows represent the sun. Given the pilgrimages (and the small spots that results from it), it could be presumed that the primary religion of the Triskelekorakes involve the sun, and it also has an effect on Arete

Linguistically, most triskelekorakes use the three East Asian Languages; Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. However, there are a minority of triskelekorakes that speak different languages, such as Egyptian, Pamphylian Greek, and even regular Ancient Greek. Naturally, the Spheres' imagery of the Triskelekorakes often align with that of the triskelekorakes speaking the Greek languages, and hence it is also a part of the Arete's very small library of myths.

Presense in PolysitonEdit

Given their general affinity to the parent star, triskelekorakes generally prefer sticking to their home planet of Mauron as it is the closest to Lampardion. However, triskelekorakes have started to take interest in Polysiton as imperialist interests started to gather upon the Lampardian system that would ultimately take part in the Second Lampardian War. Triskelekorakes that migrate to Polysiton generally settle in one of the two triskelekorakid enclaves, one at Heliopolis, and other at Neustion, the representative polis of Oasis Triskelou.