Thermal Ray is a type of technology based on the Heat-Ray of the War of the Worlds universe. Although the most conspicuous usage of the thermal ray is in the military, there are civilian usage of the thermal ray, mostly in the field of industry, especially in mining, construction, and manufacturing.


The thermal ray technology was developed by the Akademia, which was one of the competing scientific groups in pre-collapse Greece. However, the thermal ray developed by the Greeks were cumbersome and rather cost-ineffective, putting the technology out of favor of most militaries and industries. However, the technology inspired the Sphere of East Asian Security, and it was the Koreans who would take the Greek predecessors (Koreans themselves were looking and developing such technologies, and the Greek predecessors put them far ahead) and refine them into a far more usable form. As the development was completed before the War of Hegemonia was concluded in the West, it was possible for the westerners to take hold of the technology, and hence all human factions of Segmentum Asia has access to the technology.


The thermal ray is best compared to a laser, as the thermal ray works primarily by radiating thermal energy in a unidirectional manner similar to a laser. With a high enough energy intensity, thermal rays can melt metals and combust combustibles, hence its use in not only the military but also the industrial fields. Given the high intensity a thermal ray would need to be effective, industrial applications of the technology is far more common.

The Hellenes of Arche Philhellenike are known to employ the largest of Thermal Ray technologies, and Thermal Ray Drills, dubbed the Archimedean Gift especially if solar-powered, are common sight in mining regions quite common in Meizotere Hellas and Anatole.

List of military applicationsEdit