Shooter Babies are amongst the commoner branches of the Infantid military, alongside the Hurler Babies and the Boombabies.

Armaments and HistoryEdit

Whileas the Hurler babies are a staple of just about every Infantid tribes, the Shooter babies are something of a different sort. In fact, the Shooter babies are in a opposite situation, given that the increased availability of firearms correlate inversely with the social position of one.

Most Infantid tribes don't have a way to obtain firearms easily, given the relative rarity of Tinkerbabies and Smartsmiths. Even if the tribe is lucky enough to have a few tinkerbabies, the firearms produced by the tinkerbabies are usually of low quality. Even so, guns were far better and lethal than throwing rocks, and amongst the less developed Infantid tribes, guns were a symbol of nobility, and usually were the first things to be looted. And to those without tinkerbabies, they had to do with things like crude slingshots, which were less lethal than guns, and often of marginally increased lethality over simply throwing things, the primary reason for the lack of shooter babies in most Infantid tribes.

Evil Baby Corporation has a different story, for its large numbers of smartsmiths and tinkerbabies, along with their access to manufacturing plants from the conquered pacifist people, grants it easy access to firearms in an unprecedented level in Infantid history. This meant the general population could be armed at a notice if wanted and within the logistical reach, which also destroyed the notion of guns being associated with nobility due to their rarity among the less developed tribes.

Game DataEdit

Pistoleer Squad
First Galactic War and Imperium Novum Game Data
Hit points 30
Armor 0 Light
Cost 40 ore per squad
Build time 70 acts per squad
Weapon Pistol (2 AP, 25 acts)
Production and Tech Requirements Baby Camp

Cyan Sphere of Doom: First Galactic War and Imperium NovumEdit

Pistoleer Babies are the basic infantry of the Evil Baby Corporation in First Galactic War and Imperium Novum. They are the cheapest infantry in the game, costing measly 40 ore for 3 Pistoleers, meaning each Pistoleer is worth around 13.33333 ore. They are obviously the weakest infantry in the game, losing to just about any unit in a 1v1 situations. Needless to say, their primary role is to be meatshields, especially when it comes to protecting light tanks from AT fire, against which they are surprisingly durable.

Shooter Babies
Commoners' Legion Game Data
Hit points 220 per squad member
Armor Infantry
Cost 200 requisition, reinforcement 30 requisition
Production and Tech Requirements Baby Camp or Tribeshouse
Squad Size (starting/maximum) 6/12
Basic Weapon (clip/reserve ammo) Pistol (6/36), Fist (n/a)
Support Equipment Options Boo Boo pack, Bigger Gun, Bag of Stuff
Max Support Equipment 4

Cyan Sphere of Doom: Commoners' LegionEdit

Shooter Babies are tier 0/tier 1 infantry, a concept very similar to the Slugga Boyz of the Orks in Dawn of War 1. They are extremely cheap to reinforce and train, but as their predecessors were in Imperium Novum, they are just as fragile and weak in combat, once again their value comes in their ability to gather in numbers. However, unlike their predecessors, the Shooter Baby Squad can be given better equipments: Boo Boo packs will help heal their wounds especially outside battle, Bigger Gun will provide a much needed boost in firepower, and Bag of Stuff will increase morale, as well as allow them to get requisition from looting dead corpses or raiding enemy structures. They should be complemented with Hurler Babies, which have a better punch but have even shorter range.

Shooter Babies, despite their fragility, make a surprisingly decent melee units. This is because pistols are treated as a subweapon, which can be used in melee combat, and also remedies the poor accuracy of the Shooter Babies, since subweapons in melee combat are treated as point-blank fire.