Sematia Aiakida
Day of Birth Saturday, July 2th, G2044 / 248th day, 8 B.B.O.
Home Polis Ambrakia, Arrybia Province
Affiliation Posterity of the Sentinels, Eleutheroi
Race Human, Aiakida Hellenis
Mass 78 kg
Height 184 cm
Three Size 91(90AAA)-78-88

Sematia Aiakida is a character in the Hekastos Allotrioi Barbaros Esti who is affiliated with the Eleutheroi. Sematia's notability in the story lies within her contribution to the First Lampardian War, most notably through the usage of her ship, the Mikroteros Aiakides, with which Sematia contributed to decisive victories in the Battle of Telemantros and the Battle of Oxys.

Sematia is also the most important military figure in the Posterity of The Sentinels as well as its greatest engineering genius, having contributed to most of the infrastructure involving robots, and melding robotics into the doctrines and armaments of the Posterity of the Sentinels' forces, as well as providing designs for several units (albeit with modifications by the others). Should Sematia turn out to be the actual creator of the Termite Tank and the Mobile Construction Yard's robotic prototypes that played a role in Areus Megas's liberation of Arrybia, Sematia will have played a role in almost all elements of Sentinel military technology.


While born to the once noble Aiakidai which claims as members the royalties of Epeiros such as Pyrrhos, Sematia's childhood was hardly fitting for a royal class. Sentinels have landed around G2028 and by the time of Sematia's birth, the Sentinels have established sizable settlements throughout Polysiton. Nonetheless, the combination of somewhat rough life at the still underdeveloped frontiers, the current anonymity of the Aiakidai, and the egalitarian mindset of the people, Sematia's upbringing was more fitting for a laborer. As the eldest (and at the time the only) child of the Aiakidai family of Alkuoneus and Lanassa, Sematia was expected to join the clearing efforts like all the others, and this left Sematia with quite a masculine build, particularly eccentuated by broad shoulders.

While physical labor was an integral part of Sematia's upbringing, the machinery was also a part of Sematia's identity as well. By the time of Sematia's birth, the Sentinels have established contact with the Lagikoi, and given the friendliness of the said species, Lagikoi machinery were still used, since the Sentinels did not have enough capital yet to build heavy machinery in a scale big enough for themselves. These machineries reduced the need for human labor, and such things fascinated and were appreciated by Sematia. If such machineries were deployed and Sematia relieved from duty because of it, Sematia often visited locations of idle machinery nearby to inspect them, and if Lagikoi were nearby, learn about its mechanics. Sematia seemed to have an innate ability to grasp and apply mechanical concepts, since by the age of 14 Sematia attended prep school of mechanical engineering as the youngest of the lot and was noted by the didaskoloi for creating fancy but often impractical contraptions in spare time. The opinions were split between seeing Sematia as a loon or a potential genius. However, the Evil Baby Corporation started to invade even the rougher terrain of the Arrybia province, thus the Sentinels were forced to hide. Little did the others know that Sematia had in possession a blueprint of engine capable of space travel given to her by Kallistrata when the Arche visited Polysiton to have a "homecoming" with the other exiles, and with the background knowledge acquired from the short schooling, Sematia managed to build a small ship with which to travel to space with. This crazy stunt had the side effect of drawing the infantids to the hiding place, although by a spark of miracle the Sentinels managed to slip away without human losses. Nonetheless, Sematia's sudden stunt would have ramification of having the Sentinels turn hostile to her and shaming the Aiakidai during her time on Euxeine.

Exile to EuxeineEdit

While Euxeine was an inhabitable celestial body, Euxeine was completely devoid of both the Lagikoi and the Sentinels, since both did not have the ability to manufacture spacecrafts (former lacked technology, latter lacked capital). As such, Euxeine ended up becoming a survival ground for Sematia, where Sematia would have to test her skills to survive and to acquire the means of returning to Polysiton.

When Sematia first constructed transmitters powerful enough to send messages back to Polysiton, the cold shoulder the Sentinels gave to Sematia was a bit shocking. Nonetheless, Sematia set out to return to Polysiton in a fashion as to redeem herself. Here Sematia studied the art of military engineering with a hands-on basis, with only a few references such as the Art of War and some rudimentary blueprints of weapons. Here Sematia would stay for 4 years, all while Polysiton itself was swept by the winds of war when the Lagikoi were pitted against the Infantids in the actual First Lampardian War. Unfortunately, Sematia had no effective practice targets or opponents, as Euxeine turned out to be devoid of sentient life despite having good conditions for life, and pitting the machines against beast could only do so much. Artificial intelligence and more automated robots were required: Artificial intelligence to give some autonomy to robots (Sematia was well aware of the limitations of artificial intelligence so far), and eventually artificial intelligence to handle test opponents. Here Sematia learned all the art of industry, which included smelting of metal, which was fortunately accelerated by the presence of Areios crystal. Sematia had some contact with the Lagikoi, and proceeded to build AI based on information given to her, as Sematia had no experience in war and tactics whatsoever. While this meant Sematia's attempts at strategic AI was flawed given information bias and the strange nature of both Infantids and Lagikoi warfare, Sematia was more interested in automated machines that handles user inputs, which was less of a problem as beasts were enough of targets for that.

As her 18th birthday approaches, Sematia chose to return to Polysiton with a much larger ship: Sematia dubbed her second ship the Mikroteros Aiakides, and specifically had the ship armed to the teeth with automated weapons (a design inspired by the romance of heavily armed ships such as the Panokseon and later the dreadnoughts) to help retake Ambrakia and redeem herself. What was ahead was far larger.

Role in First Lampardian WarEdit

When Sematia returned, her arrival was not well-met by the Sentinel brethren, and when Sematia proposed the battle plan regarding the incoming EBC attack on Telemantros, she was immediately hooted down. While the Lagikoi were more receptive, they were more interested in keeping Sentinels happy, and initially wanted to go against the idea. Nonetheless, they saw no better alternative: historical lack of airborne threat meant Telemantros (or any Lagikoi Polis for that matter) was poorly defended against air attacks, and thus Areus accepted Sematia's proposal primarily out of desperation.

The desperate Lagikoi bet paid well, and Sematia through a series of good luck, preparation, and enemy's tactical blindness have delivered a decisive victory in the form of the Battle of Telemantros. Having restored some trust among the Sentinels (now the Posterity of the Sentinels), Sematia was frequently summoned into operations, and proved herself numerous time even if it was mainly due to the heavy armor that was nigh-impossible to pierce with the low-quality weapons of the Infantids. Sematia played a key role in keeping morale high, and both the Lagikoi and the Posterity decided that Sematia was indispensible. The Posterity quickly gave her amnesty, and the Aiakidai family which was at brink of ostracism was suddenly not only restored but elevated to point of respect. Her role in breaking through the Infantid encirclement of the Eleutheroi right wing in the Battle of Oxys would seal the deal, and Sematia turned from unwitting traitor to hero. Not only did Sematia completely restore her social position (and gained even more for the family), Sematia also had the moon base at Euxeine. In addition, Sematia gained military experience as well, which meant Sematia could actually better design weapons, and perhaps her own wing as well...

Establishment of the PhrourionEdit

During her exile to Euxeine, Sematia had in effect turned the entirety of Euxeine into an industrial base capable of producing munitions, equipment and robotic vehicles. Having such capabilities, Sematia established the Phrourion, a purely robotic force (with sentient operators), to supplement the Eleutheroi military forces. While the robotic army in itself was only as reliable as the sum of operator competence and AI, the robotic supplement was nonetheless a useful addition to the Eleutheroi forces. Asides the direct raw combat bonuses, it was Sematia who provided the original blueprint that was refined into the Peregrine drone, and established robotics as a key feature in supplementary roles such as logistics.


Sematia is the first of the children of Alkuoneus and Lanassa of the Aiakidai. Sematia is thus the older sister of the second child Noumenia, the third Helenos, and the youngest Aither. Of the children, only Helenos has a name attested to be used as a name, and the others are named after a concept: Sematia named after the word for constellation, Noumenia named after the new moon, and Aither named after the sky/ether. With Noumenia, Sematia serves as a sibling rival of sorts: Kallistrata's tenets such as reverence of celibacy, sociocentrism in favor of intelligent, sentient industrial entities (and machines), and transhumanism is a major influence that Sematia has taken up with varying degree of enthusiasm, while Noumenia is more of a socialite who likes the idea of a dating partner. While Sematia's specialty is robotics with some autonomy, Noumenia specializes in hacking and vehicle engineering (with help from her brothers), which often results in humorous pranks between the two parties poking fun at each other's tenets (e.g. Sematia making fun of the perceived obsession over boyfriends and Noumenia criticizing Sematia's callousness against dogs and cats).

As a war hero, Sematia is considered a friend of the Lagikoi, and has a good relationship with Areus. With the advent of the foreign powers, Sematia stands amongst the most pro-Arche of the Eleutheroi: Kallistrata also belongs to Sematia's circle of amicable relationships, one started with a good impression and influence towards Sematia.

After the First Lampardian War, Luna Argenta attaches to Sematia as an apprentice and junior. Sematia has also befriended a fellow Hellen, Hebe Meteora, both sharing an interest in flying vehicles.

In-Game appearanceEdit

Ε.Α.Β.Ε: Commoners' LegionEdit

Mikroteros Aiakides
Commoners' Legion (Prologue Campaign) Game Data
Hit points 10000
Armor Heroic Heavy Vehicle
Basic Weapon (clip/reserve ammo) Oistoi (no ammo), Portside Cannons(6/no ammo), Starboard Cannons(6, no ammo)

Sematia is to appear in the campaign covering the First Lampardian War as well as the main campaign covering the Second Lampardian War.

Sematia serves as the captain of her ship, Mikroteros Aiakides. As a very heavily armored and armed ship, the Mikroteros Aiakides gives Sematia the highest stat of all units in the First Lampardian War campaign. The Oistoi is a multiple launch weapon, effective primarily against aircraft, light vehicles and heavy infantry, but also useful against regular infantry and heavy vehicles. However, the bulk of Sematia's firepower is within the cannons at the either side of the Mikroteros Aiakides, effective against nearly everything.

Sematia is also to appear on the Second Lampardian War main campaign, and despite the generally stronger foes, Sematia's ship continues to lend her significant strength not easily matched. The starboard and port cannons remain a powerful tool against hordes, and the oistoi only sees marginal decrease in lethality only due to the generally tougher foes.