Rider Champions are Posterity of The Sentinels units and squad leaders mounted unto a hovercycle.


The introduction of hovercycles by the Lagikoi have greatly sped up the development of the Sentinel communities, while bolstering their relationship with the Lagikoi. These gifts to newcomers have also became a part of a significant element in Sentinel culture popular amongst the youth: racing. Whether it be free racing outside the sight of spectators in the roads in the frontiers or eventually in stadiums or Lagikoi gaming amphitheaters, hovercycle racing has become a popular pastime among the Sentinel youth.

The hovercycles were proven to be capable of military usage, as demonstrated by their Lagikoi allies in the First Lampardian War, who used hovercycles with mounted grenade launchers to great effect against infantid forces of the Evil Baby Corporation. As hovercycles have turned into romantic symbols, so grew movements to take in hovercycles into their armed forces as the Lagikoi have. A preeminent figure in the hovercycle-based combat doctrine is Noumenia Aiakida, part racing model and part mechanic who has experimented with combat hovercycle designs. Rider Champions often hail from racing origins, although those of mechanic origins also contribute to this new type of unit specifically aimed at assimilating the hovercycle as a instrument of the speedy Posterity of The Sentinels army.

The best of the hovercycle riders form the Rider Synod, consisting of 12 members including Noumenia Aiakida who is also a founding member of the Rider Synod, which was formed shortly after the aftermath of the Battle of Oxys.