Region Delta Menelou
Classification Polis
Affiliation Territorial Independence Army, Eleutheroi, Rhakotean Nomarchy
Language Lagikoi Language
Population 20,000,000

Rhakotis (Greek Ῥακῶτις) is one of the newest Lagikoi poleis, as well as the fastest-growing Lagikoi poleis. Rhakotis is the representative polis of the entire region of Libye itself, which includes its home region, Delta Menelou, as well as the region of Pentakontaschoinos, Thebais, and Diamon, all of them a part of the Rhakotean Nomarchy.


Rhakotis was said to be founded in G1975, and given the date, one may be suspicious of colonial activities. However, no polis has came up and claimed Rhakotis as its apoikia, and Rhakotis has developed an independent identity ever since.

Rhakotis was well endowed with resources: the Menelos river valley was particularly fertile even compared to say the Arga river valley which was a part in the prosperity of Phovellis. On top, the river valley also had plenty of sand to work with, which allowed Rhakotis to lead in the field of glass, giving it some minor presence among the Lagikoi political landscape.

However, it would be the arrival of Demokratidai that would turn Rhakotis into one of the most influential Lagikoi poleis. By the time the Demokratidai have arrived in G2056, Rhakotian glassblowing had professional quality in par with most other glass craftsmanship, which was helped by the fact that Lagikoi have failed to mechanize the process of glassblowing. The friendly relationships established with the kainoi was based on the fact that Demokratidai have largely taken to themselves Notia and Makedonia (Pella was abandoned thanks to the First Lampardian War, resulting in Democratic resettlement), and compounded with Telemantrian Lagikoi's suspicion, had led the said group to seek out Sinai canals in order to trade with more friendly poleis such as Seleon. Having forged a deal, Demokratidai took no time in making enclaves in Rhakotis, as well as sharing their cultural materials, which included silkworms while taking in Lagikoi cultural material such as Thrane juice, which developed to such a degree that Rhakotis knew only Phovellis as a rival, and most Lagikoi agree that Rhakotian blending is superior to Phovellian ones.

The Great Poleis
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