Rhakotaen Nomarchy
Species Lagikoi
Location Libye
Languages Lagikoi Greek, New Koine Greek
Nation Colors Sand Yellow, Purple

Rhakotean Nomarchy (Greek Νομαρχia Ῥακωτεως) is an independent faction aligned with the Territorial Independence Army, caused by the newfound rich gained from trade with the new xenoi such as those of the Arche Philhellenike as well as the jealousy caused by the predominance of interests of the Megale Patris poleis in the Synhedrion of Territorial Independence Army. Despite this, the Rhakotean government knows it cannot stand to the hostile xenoi such as the Evil Baby Corporation on its own, and thus is a member of the Territorial Indepedence Army, agreeing to supply troops and submit to most of the synhedrion's decision.


Rhakotean Nomarchy embraces some of the richest land in all of Polysiton even by its standards, having the Menelos River Valley in its entirety under its jurisdiction. Needless to say, Rhakotean Nomarchy produces a plethora of food, more than enough to export and use in luxury products such as Thrane blending and confectioneries. In fact, Lagikoi of Rhakotean Nomarchy are among the richest if not the richest of the Lagikoi, having a gross domestic income per capita that is around 30% higher than the mean value formed by other major poleis.

Although agriculture and culinary products predominate the imagery of the Rhakotean Nomarchy to most Lagikoi, to the xenoi, it is not the agricultural products but rather its industrial products that gather the attention. Glassblowing is one of the few industries that the Lagikoi have not yet mechanized at the moment, meaning the ready availability of sand in the Rhakotean Nomarchy encouraged the development of manual glassblowing. Skilled craftsmen produce glass products that command a high price amongst xenoi-dominated consumer markets, and thus Rhakotean Nomarchy boasts a huge reserve of foreign cash. Although Arche isn't a big fan of luxury goods given the rather modest lifestyle that is prevalent in Meizotere Hellas, the Anatolians are fond of the Rhakotean glass, and Anatolians supply a good portion of the foreign currencies that Rhakotean Nomarchy possesses.

Its technical independence from the TIA also gained favor in the eyes of the libertarians, since the TIA is in friendly relationship with the Arche which is an enemy of the libertarians. This allowed the libertarians to visit Rhakotean markets with relative ease (with relative emphasized, as libertarians still draw suspicion from the Lagikoi ever since evangelists, especially of the Randian flavor which looked down upon the Lagikoi way of life, attempted to proselytize to them) and trade. Given its rich diversity, Rhakotean markets are some of the busiest in Polysiton, rivalled only by the markets of Phovellis and Emporion.


  • Rhakotean Nomarchy is based on the Ptolemaic Kingdom.
  • The name Rhakotis is the name of the original settlement that was converted into Alexandreia. 
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