Punies are the lowest in the Infantid hierarchy, and generally is defined as all the commoners without suitable weaponries to belong to a Infantid military classification. They are the drudges in a Infantid tribe in times of war, tasked with menial labor.

Background and HistoryEdit

On the same ground as the prevalence of Hurler Babies over Shooter Babies in the case of the vast majority of the Infantid tribes, the Punies largely exist simply due to lack of war materials. Like the situation with the Hurler Babies, the status of Punies are also somewhat different in the EBC, but unlike the hurlers, who actually get a status promotion, Punies get even shorter end of the stick, as their classification basically meant that the baby was not deemed needed to wield a weapon. EBC may have the infrastructure necessary to churn out the military equipments, but EBC is ultimately interested in profits, meaning EBC will try to run with the minimum cost as possible.