Pselkis (Sphere Gk. Ψελκις) is a settlement in Pentakontaschoinos. It is among the largest of Thrane producers, and Pselkis is a chief producer and processor of Thrane-based goods. As a primarily agricultural settlement, Pselkis's cityscape is dominated by orchards, mills, storage, and other facilities involved in processing, storing, and/or producing Thrane.


Pselkis is located at the eastern side of the Menelos, right around a shart curve that is coincidental with Menelos's 5th cataract. As water speed is rather fast in that region, Pselkis makes for a perfect site for water mills, although by the times of the Rhakotean Nomarchy water mills aren't as nearly as productive or reliable as say mills operating on Ergamata oil. As it is located near a cataract, Pselkis enjoys theoretical protection from northern expeditions, as the immediate northern border is cliffed. However, it is able to access the fertile valleys to the north, maximizing its interaction with the construction of the Great Lift of Pselkis, an heavy-duty elevator designed precisely to handle large volumes of agricultural products.