Polyphora (Greek: πολύφορη or πολύφορα) is one of the regions of Megale Patris. It is located at the southwestern portion of Megale Patris, bordered by Eschate to the north, Samilos to the west, and Ploutia to the east. It is the region in which the polis of Phovellis is located, and given rich trading partners such as Argyria and Telemantros just across the Strait of Aps, Polyphora is considered one of the most wealthy regions of Polysiton.


Compared to Braxis Peninsula and its representative polis Seleon, Polyphora is much more comfortable: In fact, Polyphora is considered one of the most uniform regions in Polysiton, most of its land beneath the threshold of 1000 ft above sea level. Polyphora's monotony is only broken by the Arga river that cuts through the region and the roads, and given the lack of forests, Polyphora is considered by some to be a boring region geographically. Nonetheless, the smooth grassy plains, fertile land, and plenty of water means Polyphora is less dull in practice as farms, plantations, and small trading posts give some variety to the land.


Polyphora is one of the most strategic locations in Polysiton, given that it is alongside Samilos the closest regions to Aphrantis, and Polyphora is the closest significant region to Trinakrie, the region that hosts the polis of Telemantros. Given the Arga River, Eschate's spheres are also regular trading partners of Polyphoran spheres, and Ploutian spheres, most notably those of the polis of Argyria, are also major trading partners. Given the relative wealth of nearby trading partners (especially those of Ploutia, given the rich silver mines of Mount Argyrios), Polyphora's spheres tend to be wealthy even at the Sphere standards, and its representative polis, Phovellis, is the biggest importer of Thrane.