Region Polyphora
Classification Polis
Affiliation Territorial Independence Army, Eleutheroi
Language Lagikoi Language, New Koine Greek
Population Around 12,000,000

Phovellis (Lagikoi Greek: Φωϝέλλις, -ιδος) is one of the major Lagikoi poleis of Polysiton, as well as the representative polis of the region of Polyphora. Phovellis is also one of the wealthiest of Lagikoi poleis given its rich neighbors with which it trades.


Unlike the Braxian polis of Seleon, Phovellis's development never came across the realm of military: even in the Pachydermic War, Phovellis's contribution was minor at best given the lack of pachyderm nests in its home region: This isn't to say Phovellian Lagikoi re cold-hearted, but rather it emphasizes the problem associated with Lagikoi physiology when it comes to war.

Rather, Phovellis developed as a trading empire: Phovellis did not have valuable resources like precious metals, but it did have a fertile foundation even by Polysitonian standards, and Phovellian Lagikoi are known for craftsmanship in glass and pottery (especially so, as glass-blowing is one of the industries that the Lagikoi could not automate). Hence before the rise of a stout rival in the business in the form of Rhakotis, Phovellian craft dominated the Polysitonian glass and pottery market. Given their status, wealth flowed to them from nearby traders, most notably the Lagikoi of Argyria (and Ploutia in general), who benefited from the silver mines of the Mount Argyrios. The growing wealth made Phovellian Lagikoi a bit more sybarite than most Lagikoi, and it is the vanguard of the Thrane consumption culture.

Although it took part in the militarization suggested by Chremonides Seleonios, Phovellis never took military to the heart of its culture, which wasn't a unique thing. However, this would prove costly, as it would be targeted by Evil Baby Corporation after the debacle involving Areus Megas as a way to improve troop morale. The eventual (yet costly) defeat of EBC's siege troops would signal the beginnings of the First Lampardian War


As a large polis, Phovellis is the polis to many demai, divided into 3 great demai and 7 lesser demai.

Greater Demai

  • Arinthis
  • Maris
  • Tarros

Lesser Demai

  • Aithalis
  • Chremon
  • Koison
  • Attalia
  • Omax
  • Bresia
  • Grevas
The Great Poleis
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