Panther is a light hover tank of the Posterity of The Sentinels, and the direct successor of the Termite Tank that served in the First Lampardian War.


The weak kinetic autocannons of the Termite Tank were not too problematic against the very poorly armored Evil Baby Corporation forces in the First Lampardian War, and it was once thought that a successor would not be needed. However, Termite Tank surprisingly suffered from mobility issues in rough terrain. The Termite Tank did not have hover engines strong enough to effectively travel rough terrains. This was proven to be problematic in the Eastern Megale Patris, where the lands became much more rugged than the gently sloped plains of Western Megale Patris.

The arrival of more heavily armored vehicles fielded by the Arche Hellenike and Tropas Libre did not help in future prospects of the Termite Tank: against the sturdy armor of the battle tanks fielded by those foreign powers, the kinetic autocannons could only hope to scratch the armor. Because of this, a new generation of hover tanks were developed: still light enough to accomodate hover engines to maximize mobility, but strong enough to not only field more powerful guns enough to pierce heavy armor, but also have enough armor to withstand some anti-tank weapons. The result was the Panther Tank: a tank with rather light armor, but armor strong enough to provide some protection against AT weapons.

In-Game AppearanceEdit

Ε.Α.Β.Ε: Commoners' LegionEdit

The Panther serves as the main battle tank of the Posterity of The Sentinels. These hover tanks are not as cost-effective when it comes to soaking damage: they are more expensive than the main battle tanks of the Territorial Independence Army the Kyriakos Proteros, the Evil Baby Corporation's Zippy Transport Tank, and while not a true battle tank, Tropas Libre's Dumper, yet are less durable than the Dumper. Nonetheless, their improved cannons, as well as their ability to shoot a salvo of 3 makes them powerful skirmishing units great at outboxing opponents. With the Kinetic Blunderbuss, these units become fragile but powerful infighters not unlike shock cavalry, going in where the enemy firepower is not concentrated and wreaking havoc at close range. They are also the fastest of the main battle tanks.