Nea Mekka, or New Mecca, is the chief metropolitan area of the Muslim Quarters, located at the Southwestern quadrant of the Muslim Quarters similar to where Mecca is located in the Saudi Arabian geography. Nea Mekka is a brimming city, and although it isn't as densely populated as the other large metropolitan regions of Meizotere Hellas, it nonetheless makes up for it by its vigorous academical, religious, and economic activities.


Nea Mekka is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cities of Meizotere Hellas, as it embraces both the new and the old: Nea Mekka melds the traditional Islamic architectural style with the material needs and availability of Meizotere Hellas, having both wonderous mosques, bazaars, and residential quarters with a splash of green. Nea Mekka does offer a few religious facilities critical to the Muslims: One such facility is the Gyroscopes of Allah. These facilities adjust themselves so that the believers may face the Terran Mecca when praying, maintained by the Muslim religious council. However, the Hajj is of considerable debate amongst the Imperial Muslims, and some argue that a pilgrimage to Nea Mekka with all the rituals of hajj should substitute for an actual pilgrimage to the Terran Mecca, which is often considered near impossible as it takes nearly 40 years. Others believe that since hajj does make an exception for those who are not able to make it, they argue that it is not necessary, augmenting their argument with the fear that an convenient substitute may not only devalue hajj, but also may be against the teachings of Qu'ran.