Naos-Strategeion (Gk. Ναος-Στρατηγειον), or the Shrine-Quarters, is the primary military facility of the Arche's military.


The Cult Hellenikos, despite its focus on the mind over actual external practices, needed a place of sermons for its chaplains to maintain a proper check over the soldiers to prevent the seeping of xenophobia amongst Arche's ranks, which alongside nationalism was a primary factor in the militarization of Imperial Japan despite its lack of innate capital-building capabilities. Of course, the Arche's doctrine of keeping chaplains ready near those who render military service resulted in the idea of fusing the barrack structure and the chapel structure together, hence the Naos-Strategeion.

In-game AppearanceEdit

Cyan Sphere of Doom: Commoners' LegionEdit

Naos-Stratopedon appears as the basic structure that produces Arche's infantries. The Naos-Stratopedon is not only a barrack, but also a place of rest as well, and the availability of chaplains and medical equipments mean the Naos-Stratopedon also works as a field hospital.