Lysimachy, which is the anglicization of the Hellenic term λυσιμαχεια, from λύσις (to separate) and μάχη (battle), is a crowd-control weapon used more commonly as a tactical grenade by the Arche.


Lysimachy's pacification effect comes from the fact that physical contact with the Lysimachy cloud produces endorphins, and thus Lysimachy works in a fashion similar to runners' high in that Lysimachy's crowd control effect comes primarily from putting targets in a state of euphoria. However, the amount of endorphin released by contact with Lysimachy is very large (which is necessary to disable targets rather than say provide them painkiller), which unfortunately can result in addiction if used improperly.

However, given its mechanics, Lysimachy is ineffective against the xenoi races, such as Lagikoi, whose nervous system differs greatly from the humans, and the xenoi races that compose the League of Planet-States for the same reason.

Given Lysimachy's psychoactive effects, many of the libertarians who experienced Lysimachy attempted to reverse-engineer it with varying degrees of success. The derivatives of Lysimachy composes a significant portion of the libertarian drug trade, and some libertarian warbands even use such chemicals as combat stims, given its painkilling effects.