Luna Argenta
Day of Birth Saturday, July 11th, G2048 / 53rd day, 10 B.B.O.
Alias Selene Argyra
Home Polis Ambrakia, Arrybia Province
Affiliation Posterity of the Sentinels, Eleutheroi
Race Human
Mass 55 kg
Height 174 cm
Three Size 89(75E)-61-88

Luna Argenta is a Posterity of the Sentinels character in the Hekastos Allotrioi Barbaros Esti universe.

Luna plays a role in the Second Lampardian War, as one of the major Cadet characters to have not been phased out even after the First Lampardian War.




Under Sematia Aiakida's MentorshipEdit


Luna's most prominent relationships are with her best friend Elene Hanley and her mentor Sematia Aiakida. As an orphan, Luna depended quite heavily emotionally on Elene as it was Elene who first approached her in a overtly amicable manner. Elene also served as a counterbalance as well, as her levelheadedness (coupled with a tint of romanticism) was a good complement to Luna's idealism and more overt romanticism.

Luna's relationship with Sematia is that of mutual cooperation. Whereas Luna and Elene's relationship is of a personal level, Sematia's indifference to things that are not concerned with her immediate projects meant Sematia was much more difficult to approach. Nevertheless, Luna's skills with robotics, particularly specialized personal drones, grabbed Sematia's attention. While the technical skill exchange is clearly seen with Luna on the receiving side, Sematia also gained from Luna's insights about personal drones.

In-Game AppearanceEdit

Ε.Α.Β.Ε: Commoners' LegionEdit

Luna is the main character of the campaign that deals with the Second Lampardian War. Luna is nowhere as near as tough as the other hero characters, and her lack of ability to wield heavy equipment makes Luna not a frontline warrior type, but a support character.


  • Luna's name is shared by a winery by the same name, although this is purely coincidental as her name means "Silver Moon".