Lagikanthropoi (Sphere Gk. Λαγικανθρωποι, Lagic language (transliterated), zazapraianes) are an anthromorphic species and the closest to the humans of the Lagic species. This is to be expected as the term is a composite word between λαγως and ανθρωπος, meaning rabbit and man respectively. The Lagikanthropoi are also in general the most advanced of the Lagic species in Segmentum Asia, as well as the most advanced lapine species in the galaxy.

Lagikanthropoi belong to the Lagomorpha order, and as with the other Segmentum Asia lapine species, belong to the fictional family, the Kounelidai family.


Lagikanthropoi are very close to humans, having an upright structure, primate-style opposable thumbs, and a primate-class skull. A good imagery to compare to would be the Touhou's rabbit characters, for lagikanthropoi feature rabbit ears but are otherwise almost identical to a human from the outside. On the other hand, the organ compositions are fairly different from a human.

The Lagikanthropoi are precocial species, meaning their young are born with many of the vital structures such as hair and vision.


  • Stomach: unlike the terrestrial Leporidae, Lagikanthropoi have two sacs to hold food like the other Lagic species of Segmentum Asia. The first sac is most similar to the avian crop, although it is supported by another digestive organ, the kathartes, which releases enzymes whose purpose is primarily to neutralize toxic material. The second sac is the stomach, and it operates in a same manner as most other animal's stomach.
  • Sensors: The Lagikanthropoi differentiation from other Lagic species, asides from their build, comes from the sensors. The Lagikanthropoi eyes are particularly of interest, as the Lagikanthropoi ocular lenses are not crystalline. In fact, the Lagikanthropoi are able to adjust the lenses, consciously adding or removing layers at will, granting them a versatile vision, especially in scouting. The Lagikanthropoi also have the lagic wheel, which functions to keep the sense of balance of a Lagikanthropos.
  • Reproduction: Like many species of the Segmentum Asia, Lagikanthropoi do not reproduce via sexual intercourse, and thus have no organs for intercourse. However, they do reproduce by laying eggs. The eggs are quite weird in that the eggs are not limited to female genes, meaning males can actually lay eggs as well, and both gender may fertilize the eggs. Homosexual fertilization is possible, but as the Lagikanthropoi also operate in the XY-gender determination system, YY eggs will not result in an offspring.



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Like the other Lagic species of Segmentum Asia, the Lagikanthropoi speak the Lagic language, which is based primarily on Sanskrit. This implies that the Proto-Indo-European linguistics have somehow existed in the Segmentum Asia, as other Indo-European based languages exist, such as the Lagikoi language, which is based on Ancient Greek.


Prior to the aftermath of the Xenophobic War, Lagikanthropoi were cultural supremacists, looking down at just about every other race in Segmentum Asia as inferior. When the Lagikanthropoi insulted the envoys of Polysiton and later the Arche, Kallistrata impulsively started the Xenophobic War. While their viewpoints were reinforced by their surprising early victories against the Arche, the eventual devastation that the Arche delivered to them forced the Lagikanthropoi to fear the Arche as many PoWs were taken into Arche's labor camps. However, they did not discard derision of other races entirely, and they still continue to belittle other species such as the Lagikoi and the Infantids, but not as blatantly. While the Lagikanthropoi now exercize a lot more caution, many still hold on to their "selected race" mentality. Nonetheless, the younger generations are starting to looking towards the foreign cultures with awe rather than derision, and some of the more open-minded Lagikanthropoi have moved into enclaves in Anatole and to a smaller scale, Meizotere Hellas.

The Lagikanthropoi states have often observed class systems, although with varying degree of meritocratic flavor in it. Shuranon was fairly meritocratic, while Porana is much more conservative: Porana's class system has a minor meritocratic bent, but is more akin to the actual Indian caste system divided into 4 major classes and the 1 pariah class and that the meritocratic bent applies only on birth.


The Lagikanthropoi were the most advanced of the Lagic species of Segmentum Asia, and the preeminent kingdom of Shuranon in Kleistos even had the capabilities to travel through space and possessed a space navy strong enough to establish itself as a local hegemonic power. Shuranon was indeed industrialized through the usage of magitech, and their weapons were deadly enough even to the Terran forces as the initial stages of the Xenophobic War has proven to be.

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