Kallistrata Pellaia
Kallistrata's Icon
Biography/Personal Data
Building Started Saturday, July 20, 1991 at Pella
Building Completed Saturday, July 11, 1992 at Pella
Current Residence Pella
Affiliation Arche Hellenike, Eleutheroi
Race Strategoi, Makedonian Hellen
Mass 356 kg
Height 160 cm
Three Size 0[1]-62-65
Likes Social Democracy, European-style safety net, progressive taxes, Pangaion, Bunnies, Laureion, heavy machinery and heavy industry, Greek military attires, Linothorax, muscled cuirass, greaves, Kaká, natural resources, nuclear power, Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, military history, Computer Graphics and Science, Lamb, nuclear warheads, military machines (ships and aircraft), Pergamon (despite not liking the Attalids), Asia Minor, Holy Hand Grenade, Rational Islam, celibacy, Orbital Weaponries and heavy ship-based artillery, fertile river valleys, heavy weapons, flat chest, Francis (L4D), roasting spits, skewers, Teletubbies, Python, marinated meat, wargames, Khorne Flakes, Troll Physics, Moderates, Demosthenes (general of Peloponnesian Wars), Costco, C#, Dennis Ritchie, LGBT, Alan Turing
Dislikes Ayn Rand, FYROM propaganda, deregulation, Libertarianism, Imperial Japan, Malaria, Tyre, Demosthenes (politician), promiscuity, miniskirts, boobs, Libertarianism, Temple of Apollon in Korinthos, name of Crimea (prefers Taurike Chersonesos), US Mainstream Music, Cheese, Anti-intellectualism, Right-wing politics, Guns (especially handguns), hostile horse archers, Troiaioi, Romaioi, Philromaioi, Attalidai, Bob Barr, Ron Paul, Romance, dating, panty shots, Zionism, Sallie Mae, Luxury, Sybaris, Ranch sauce, Libertarianism, Internal corruption, rusting, entropy, Xenophobes, Fashion, trends, Lew Rockwell, Engines using fossil fuels (despite an affinity for fossil fuels themselves), bees, pesticides, scant/revealing dresses for females, Libertarianism, pornographers (and pornography), marriages, Jeans, Ranch sauce, Pizza, Ray William Johnson, Romance, love, Romney, Scalia, Sowell, Corporatism, Koch Brothers, Neoconservatives, Zionists, Libertarians, Austrian School, right wingers of all types, cat mouth, Right wingers [2]

Kallistrata Pellaia is the Stratarches of Arche Hellenike, and the creator of the Cult Hellenikos. As such, Kallistrata is the effective hegemon and de facto monarch of Arche Hellenike.

The Birth of the StrategoiEdit

While the Spheres were developing in their home planet of Polysiton, Terra's condition met both blessings and curses: technological growth was at its highest, but resource consumption also spiraled out of control. Although there were many attempts at creating androids, no attempts at making one succeeded in making a fully intelligent, sentient, and independent android. With many attempts at making an android faded into oblivion, one group located in Pella took up a team of brilliant scientists, and went on with full blessings of multiple science communities. And the result was the creation of an fully intelligent and independent android in less than a year after its first conception, and Kallistrata was created. Kallistrata was well aware of the history of androids, and proceeded to collect the data and blueprints of what would have been brothers and sisters (if gender could be given).

Turmoils of Terran War of HegemoniaEdit

As resource consumption put a strain on Terra, the Eleutherian War erupted between the Socivm Amicorvm and those which did not adhere to the principles of the Socivm. Unfortunately, the Greek situation was largely unstable, and the Socivm Amicorvm grew interested in having Hellas under its jurisdiction. Given the neoliberal tendencies of the Socivm Amicorvum, the Greek dissidence grew larger. Kallistrata was no exception, and initially joined the dissidence on the right side, finding an appeal in the nationalistic tone of the right. However, the racist tones of the more extremist rightists were hard to swallow, and after witnessing a violent riot against the foreigners by a right-wing group, Kallistrata looked towards the left, finding appeal from it as it spoke out against neoliberalism. Although Kallistrata saw the shift as a personal matter, the international viewpoint did not see it that way: Kallistrata was the first Greek android, and the first fully sentient one, and Kallistrata's actions drew quite a bit of media's attention. Unfortunately for Kallistrata, the media attention Kallistrata had simply due to her status as the first sentient android and Kallistrata's defection from the right had catalyzed a further split between the left and the right in Hellas. With the collapse of the central government due to the pressures from the outside, Hellas turned into a chaotic place, filled with violence between the (extremist) left and the right against those of the other side of the spectrum.

Kallistrata looked towards the Muslim Arabs as a potential ally, many of them angry at the fact that the Socivm put their official support on the Israeli side. However, Kallistrata's identity was a problem amongst the more fundamentalist side of the Muslims, who frowned at Kallistrata's status as an artificial being as well as Kallistrata's position as a "female" leader. Such were of far less problems with the more pragmatic ones, and Kallistrata found Shareef Al-Shadid's Brotherhood with its hands open to any who are willing to fight against the Socivm and their imperialistic plans. Under Shareef's roof did Kallistrata's strengths shine and weaknesses polished (although not entirely, as later demonstrated by the Xenophobic War): Shareef often exhorted Kallistrata not to be rash: Although Kallistrata had knowledge of the contents of Sun Tzu's Art of War, Shareef was the first to open Kallistrata's eyes to the actual application, demonstrated by his patience with the guerilla operations along the Syrian and Jordanian borders. Kallistrata would have the honor of fighting alongside him at the Battle of Antiocheia, and it would be the last moments shared between the two. With Shareef dead, Kallistrata's reverence of the Neo-Mu'tazilah grew, as his son Usuma would continue his father's amity with the Hellene foreigner. Although the personal relationship grew fuzzier, the military situation deteriorated: Kallistrata's Hellenes were largely depleted, and the Socivm's acquisition of America ultimately led to a war of attrition: where as Socivm's damage would be large, the resistance could only last so long until their resources were depleted.


Eventually, the victory of the Socivm meant mass execution, and if one was more fortunate, exile. As for Kallistrata, Kallistrata was fortunate enough to be assigned the latter fate, given that Kallistrata's shift in loyalties from the far right to the solid left have played a part in fragmenting the Hellenes and thus the Socivm felt Kallistrata not to be a significant threat. Taking blueprints, Kallistrata departed with the other exiles to what would be the Segmentum Asia, where Kallistrata's ship landed on Meizotere Hellas, while a separate group landed on Polysiton, becoming the Sentinels.

Rise of the ArcheEdit

Kallistrata arrived at what would be the Meizotere Hellas in G2036, and it was there Kallistrata exercized her creativity: Meizotere Hellas was an uninhabited planet, having only nonsentient fauna and lacking in nutrient-rich flora that would have been the catalyst for a civilized race. Having brought Terran crops and technology, Kallistrata transformed the planet into a new habitat for those repressed by barbaric xenophobic ideologies. Meizotere Hellas was to be a cradle of a rich academia, unhindered by xenophobia and upheld by empiricism. As empiricism was held as a great virtue, thoughts such as the Austrian School of Economics did not benefit from Kallistrata's new cradle of thought, which was to take another change with the libertarians protesting Kallistrata's liberal policies which were viewed as statist.

Kallistrata's original goal was utopian: there would be no need of weapons, and weaponries were only for aesthetics and fiction in the utopia. However, this was subverted by the lack of social control, which invariably involved violence at individual and group levels. Given the level of technology at Meizotere Hellas, firearms were not unheard of, and it was only a matter of time before guns became accessible.

With the relative lack of marksmanship skills rampant, the libertarians were easily able to subdue many of their supposed enemies. Kallistrata's political viewpoints tended to diverge from that of the libertarians, and the libertarians believed Kallistrata's Pella would have to submit to the ideological framework or be removed. Kallistrata was well aware of the rhetoric of the right-wing which was unfortunately a solid majority of the libertarians by then, given that the right-libertarians were far more attached to their guns than their leftist counterparts were and hence were able to destroy them. Kallistrata did wage war against the libertarians, although Kallistrata's meager forces could only take defensive actions initially. It was only then Kallistrata went forward to look towards the military-industrial paradigm, and it was then Kallistrata sought out allies. By doing so, the allied forces were able to take down the right-libertarians, and Kallistrata headed the Conference of Masos, which resulted in the offer that led to the mass exodus of the right-libertarians that would be the seed of the Tropas Libre.

Military unification of Meizotere HellasEdit

While the far-right libertarians have created a sense of unity in Meizotere Hellas for a while, Kallistrata found that a string of small city-states in Meizotere Hellas less amiable as bickering once again spawned in as disagreements over territories and resources between the city-states kicked in. Kallistrata started to have an Alexandreian desire for an unified empire under Greek culture. To help with that goal, Kallistrata had a strong army on her domain, and proceeded to make an ally of a nearby city-state by placing Usuma Al-Shadid as the leader after the previous leader passed away. While a two-city alliance seemed small, the alliance conquered the closest of the city-states without significant problems. With the added capital, Kallistrata was able to afford heavier equipment than the other city-states could, and was able to beat back the eventual coalition formed to fight back Kallistrata's expansionist warmongering and unify Meizotere Hellas under the Hellenistic flag.

Multiculturalism and ExplorationEdit

The eventual unification of Meizotere Hellas and the administration of the new empire turned out in a fashion yet again similar to Alexandros's historical empire: Kallistrata embraced the other cultures within Meizotere Hellas except that of the libertarians and sought for homogenization of the culture with the Hellenic culture at lead, initially looking towards the melting pot model. However, Usuma initially advised Kallistrata against the melting pot-style assimilation, and after several crushed revolts, Kallistrata abandoned the wholescale cultural assimilation, settling for partial Hellenic preeminence and accepted multiculturalism with the precondition. The strongest offshoot of the new Greek empire's culture was indeed the Islamic culture, now devoid of issues such as invasions, broken promises, and Israel that catalyzed the fundamentalist wave. The other cultures stood as branches of the new Hellenistic culture with the Greek culture on top, with Islamic culture as the largest minority.

The Asian cultures saw chance to flourish rapidly as Meizotere Hellas reestablished the capital to travel through space. Their first encounters were with the Korean Kingdom of Baekryeoh, which itself was a multicultural state with Korean culture at its (nominal) head followed by a significant Chinese, Japanese, and to a lesser degree Mongolian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and other Indochinese cultural presence. The two states have turned amiable to one another, and Meizotere Hellas's culture dominated by people of the territories of the old Alexandreian Empire saw an infusion of Asian culture. The exchange of people afterwards implanted the Asian people and culture into Meizotere Hellas. The Asian people were quite fond of the quasi-technocratic order, and with this infusion Kallistrata had the opportunity to acquire another close friend.

While the Baekryeoh proved to be an amiable neighbor, the Lagikanthropoi of Kleistos did not. The cultural supremacists insulted all envoys, and after a joint mission with the newly-met Lagikoi failed, Kallistrata started the Xenophobic War campaign. The Lagikanthropoi response was "the barbarians and primitives only know violence when faced with superior people," and while the Lagikanthropoi military technology was not as great as that of the Arche, Lagikanthropoi were able to take advantage of the Arche's rigid military structure. After a string of major defeats, Kallistrata reforms the army and turns towards strategic weapons. So even as the Lagikanthropoi were faced with a much more capable army, they were also faced with orbital beams that burned their factories, homes, and farms. With the loss of what was left of their space navy, the fight grew more desperate and suicidal attacks were made as last-ditch attempts before the capital lost its industrial capabilities. Forced to accept that there were stronger civilizations out there, Lagikanthropoi surrendered and feared the Arche.

However, this was not without cost to the Arche, or at very least Kallistrata's political power: Arche Hellenike took heavy losses as it failed to adapt to the Lagikanthropoi method of war. This also proved Kallistrata to be a mediocre commander at best, and Kallistrata thus was forced to abandon the idea of conquest to exert Hellenic influence. Kallistrata's power to dictate policy was drastically cut, and Kallistrata ended up relinquishing the title of Strategos Autokrator and settle for the title Basilis, and even that was in line of a constitutional monarch. Kallistrata turned to what she was better suited to: setting up the environment for innovation through teaching and research. Kallistrata was not only better at that, but she also had the help of Sematia Aiakida: their relationship would prove to be a strong positive one in which they would share engineering techniques and results of their endeavors, while strengthening the ties between the Arche Hellenike and the Phrourion.


  • The Fanon Sim character Kallistrata Pellaia is a sim rendition of this character.
  • Kallistrata shares the birthplace with Megas Alexandros. In addition, the date of the initiation of Kallistrata's assembly is also one of the two possible dates of the year that Megas Alexandros was born in.


  1. Not exactly 0, as the energy link that links the bottom and the top is supposedly 7.11*10^12 J, more than half the kinetic energy of the ISS, and a bit less than 1200 barrels of oil burned. This with the E=MC^2 is roughly 7.9*10^-5 kg. As for conversion... too lazy
  2. Yes, some figures are repeated, but then it is to emphasize the level of disdain.


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