James Galt
Biography/Personal Data
Date of Birth June 25th, 2039
Current Residence Randia
Race Human
Mass 70 kg
Height 181 cm
Likes Free Market
Dislikes Statism
Magic rating 0

James Ryan Galt is the field commander of the Tropas Libre in the Second Lampardian War. He is also the protégé of Andy Nairm as well as his son-in-law.

Early LifeEdit

James Galt was born on Meizotere Hellas on June 25th, G2039, just a few Terran Years before the Eleutherian War began. He was around 7 Terran years old when he left Meizotere Hellas as did his libertarian-minded family due to the agreement that is the Conference of Masos.

His life in Randia started May 10th, G2043, when he was around 11 years old. The first two Terran years of life in Randia was pretty uneventful, but by the Terran age of 13, James started to learn marksmanship to protect himself in the new world dictated not by the force of government but by men with guns working for profit. He was also an avid reader, and here he was introduced to works, many of them about government-led dystopias like 1984 and the works of Ayn Rand. Of course, given that his last name was based off Ayn Rand's ubermensch in Atlas Shrugged, he felt special refer to ED's USI. Whereas his future mentor Andy Nairm exuded the aura of individualism, James expressed it out in the open. His fairly hot-headed nature got him into initial trouble, but the local strongman took note of his abilities, and took him in as a security force member. James was by then at the Terran age of 17.

The new cabinetEdit

Andy Nairm sought to unify Randia under the libertarian ideology based on the rule of (minimal) law. It was only a matter of time before Andy Nairm's Tropas Libre take on the local strongman for whom James was working for. James performed admirably once the skirmishes between the local strongman and Tropas Libre began, and this caught Andy's attention. The fiery spirit that was suppressed by reality was something that Andy was disappointed at, and thus Andy sought to take James under his wing to rekindle his fiery spirit for the libertarian cause.

Andy first affirmed his patronage of James by setting up a relationship between him and his daughter Dagny, as Andy believed that directly offering Dagny's hand in marriage would violate Dagny's freedom. To Andy's relief, the relationship between James and Dagny went well, and soon they were living together.