The Inventors' Workshop is an armory building used by the forces of the Right-wing libertarians of the Tropas Libre.


The Inventors' Workshop is the byproduct of the "do-it-yourself" methodology common amongst the individualist mindset cultured by the libertarian atmosphere of Randia. Privately owned workshops were fairly common in Randia, in which the businessmen profited off those who needed something in a fix but not wealthy enough to afford capital to build tools on their own.

Likewise, the gun-toting culture of the Tropas Libre also led to the rise of customized guns and gear, which became a trend amongst both the wealthy and the less well off. The customization of guns became a form of art as well as a form of technical artisanship, and it is almost impossible to archive every different type of gun in the Tropas Libre.

In-game AppearanceEdit

Ε.Α.Β.Ε: Commoners' LegionEdit

The Inventors' Workshop is a critical building for the forces of Tropas Libre. While Markets are the actual "armories" that will resupply men, it is the Inventors' Workshop which provides the individualized option for the troops, allowing the Tropas Libre infantry to be very diverse and flexible. Weapons like machine guns can be manufactured here, and so can supportive gears such as underbarrel grenade launchers, underbarrel shotguns, cryo grenades, and even basic supplement to protective gear.