Region Heliolechos Boreios
Classification Polis
Affiliation Territorial Independence Army, Eleutheroi
Language Sphere Language
Population Around 100,000 since G2040

Heliopolis (Sphere Gk. Ἡλιοπολις) is the representative polis of Heliolechos Boreios, the largest region of Megale Patris. It is one of the Shrine poleis, as its primary non-subsistence economic activity is support for religious pilgrimage centered around its Sun Temple. It also is the site of one of the two major Triskelekorakid enclaves.


Heliopolis is located at the center of the Heliolechos mountain range. As such, Heliopolis's surroundings are generally unfit for agriculture, and Heliopolis is one of the few poleis that involve a significant hunting and gathering.