Heavy Weapon Babies (in Baby tongue sometimes called Blasty Babies) are amongst the commoner branch of the Infantid armies. However, they are exclusive to richer Infantid tribes, such as the Evil Baby Corporation and the Asia Eaters.


Generally speaking, heavy weapons were never looked upon well by the Infantids, as they were generally too heavy to be fired on the move, and carrying the weapon was also rather burdensome. Frankly, this is an first-world issue, as most Infantid tribes are too underdeveloped or poor to have heavy weapons. To those wealthy Infantid tribes that could afford to have these weapons, the initial military structure never included heavy weapons, as they were generally viewed as unnecessarily burdening. Only by experiencing the firepower offered by the heavy weapons firsthand, Evil Baby Corporation suffering huge casualties at the hands of the Eleutheroi, and the Asia Eaters suffering defeats at the hands of the Korean Kingdoms, did they realize the usefulness of heavy weapons.

In both cases, the heavy weapons were gleaned from looting blueprints and preexisting weapons from the depots they were able to capture, the former taking it from Sentinel depots, while the latter took it from Korean depots.

Game DataEdit

Cyan Sphere of Doom: First Galactic War and Imperium NovumEdit

Heavy Weapon Babies were originally planned to appear in the planned expansion pack for the said game, but the expansion was scrapped given the problems with the original game.

Heavy Weapon Babies
Commoners' Legion Game Data
Hit points 220 per squad member, 550 for a Lobber Baby, 370 for a Grenade Mortar Baby, and 420 for all other heavy weapon gunner
Armor Infantry
Cost 140 requisition, reinforcement 20 requisition, Lobber Baby 125 requisition, Grenade Mortar Baby 80 requisition, other heavy weapon gunner 100 requisition
Production and Tech Requirements Baby Camp, requires Room of Stuff
Squad Size (starting/maximum) 5/10 (+1 heavy weapon gunner)
Basic Weapon (clip/reserve ammo) Pistol (6/36), Fist (n/a)
Support Equipment Options Boo Boo pack, Bag of Stuff, Bigger ammo bag
Max Support Equipment 4

Cyan Sphere of Doom: Commoners' LegionEdit

Heavy Weapon Babies are upcoming units to the upcoming game Commoners' Legion. They are Tier 2 units of the Infantid forces. Heavy Weapon Baby Squad can be made up of a heavy weapon gunner and a group of shooter babies to protect the heavy gunner. The heavy gun may be a lobber, a shielded cannon that can deal a great damage to light vehicles and grouped infantry, a zap gun that is effective against heavy vehicles, a light machine gun, and a grenade mortar. Grenade Mortar is the cheapest of the weapons, although its low price is matched by its poor accuracy and firepower. Nonetheless, Grenade mortar remains one of the most readily available support weapons.