Galakoi are the Arche implementation of the concept of malted milk, created from a mixture of native grain, flour and malt, with Kreastai milk. However, the Galakoi is not limited to the Meizotere Hellas' native materials, and trade with Spheres of Polysiton introduced them to more rich materials, such as ephran flour. As Galakoi are confectionary, Galakoi are quite popular amongst not only the sentient populations of the Arche, but also Spheres and even Infantids as well. In the infantid point of view, Galakoi are precious luxury food largely reserved for the elite class, and the chance at securing some Galakoi are one of the few factors in Infantid aggression against the Imperials.

As Galakoi are implementation of previous human technologies, other human factions also have counterparts as well. However, given the preeminence of New Koine Greek as the closest thing to a lingua franca in Segmentum Asia in addition to the Arche's position as the first extraplanetary trading partners of the Spheres, the term Galakoi refers to all types of malted milk produced by other Terran factions such as the Tropas Libre and Baekryeoh. Tropas Libre produces malted milk confectionaries under many brand names, such as Maltanic, Melty Malt, and Delitorrent. Celera also uses the brandname Celero-Whopper


Galakoi are primarily confectionary, and hence it is a part of the Arche's socialized market economy, often served in Kapeleiones (i.e. Taverna) which are common sight in Arche's urban (and suburban) regions. As mentioned above, the gourmet tendencies of the Spheres make Galakoi a valuable commodity in trade, allowing Arche to acquire Polysitonian metals and construction materials, latter of vital importance to Anatolian society.

Enriched and fortified Galakoi are also used as a part of Arche's military ration. Its easy portability and good durability with preservatives, combined with its high energy density make it a staple alongside the dehydrated pemmican.