Evil Baby Corporation
The outdated Insignia of the EBC, used in the shamefur dispray called Cyan Sphere of Doom: Galactic War and Imperium Novum
Species Infantid
Location Capital on Onx, with few other satellites
Languages English, with a slight touch of Latin in names
Tribe Colors Red, Yellow
Notable Members Kakistargyrion, Militius, Viferus, Argentus

Evil Baby Corporation is the most successful and prosperous of the Infantid tribes. The Evil Baby Corporation is noted to be much more structured towards a capitalist system, and under the leadership of Kakistargyrion, it has adopted a currency system that is unique among the baby tribes. It is also one of the few baby tribes to acquire means of space travel, which means that it has subjugated a civilization with such technologies. It is also the antagonist force in Mundane Exploration of Cyan Sphere of Doom. The name "Evil Baby Corporation" is not something that the EBC personnel use internally, but instead it was the name dubbed by the Lagikoi.

Unique to the EBC is the idea of satrapies, something that was needed given that EBC controlled a sizable amount of territories. As such, the satrap class evolved from the foreman class to rule as viceroys.

Social stateEdit

Like any other Infantid tribes, the Evil Baby Corporation operates in a semi-Social Darwinist principles, although (or because) they are also libertarian in terms of scope of government, mainly because of the babies' resistance to taxation, even in kind. 

However, as EBC grew in size to a point where the one Baby Boss couldn't handle it, some sort of viceroy system had to be created. Sure, there was the foreman class, but they were more in terms of enforcing a boss's ways, and giving them territory to rule in the boss's name certainly wouldn't work given that this would lead to a splitting of the tribe. The satraps would thus come from commoners, rather than the enforcers, and this was put into practice by Kakistargyrion. This would be a key aspect of Kakistargyrion's reforms: although the military would be handled by the foremen, governance of territories would be entrusted to the commoners, picked by loyalty over all else. This would prove effective, as the commoner satraps didn't have the force to force other babies into submission. This also meant minimal government, as the commoner satraps would have been forced to cooperate with the military to enforce any decision, and the military answered only to Kakistargyrion in most cases.

The weakness of the EBC system would lie hidden in its strength: although the usage of commoners instead of foremen have ensured loyalty of fringe territories, it was difficult to establish provisional government for conquered people. This wasn't a problem in places near EBC heartlands, where EBC forces could quell unrest (assuming they could handle their own), but this doesn't hold out so well in fringe worlds, most notably their expedition to Polysiton. Secondly, by separating the administrative class from the elite, this generated a natural rivalry, and the enforcers, who are charged with leading warbands, tended not to cooperate with the local viceroys. As usual, this wasn't a problem in EBC heartland, as the enforcers would answer to Kakistargyrion himself, but poses significant problem to those with significant native resistance. In fact, Kakistargyrion tried putting commoners as commanders of warbands, with very little success, and demotion of commanders are taken seriously, as was the case of Viferus who was replaced by a commoner Militius who was also the viceroy/satrap of what was to be the colony of Polysiton.

Initial encounter with Polysiton's residentsEdit

The Evil Baby Corporation's babies are initially sighted in G2041 , and by then Kakistargyrion has passed enough of his reforms to actually have a decent transportation system. It is notable that the EBC initially pursued trade with the Spheres and the Sentinels, which resulted in riches for a few spheres with enough entrepreneurial senses.

It was the reports of advanced technologies that turned the EBC towards military actions, and in less than half a year after the birth of Areus Megas, Kakistargyrion issues an ultimatum demanding surrender of the Sentinels. The Sentinels rejected the terms, and EBC mounts its offensive, capturing one of Sentinel headquarters not long after that. Given Sentinel friendliness with the Spheres, the EBC sees spheres as a threat but also a species to subjugate given the Spheres' nearly savant-like advances in robotic technologies. EBC also mounts offensives against the Spheres as well, taking Argis which was then one of several poleis that hosted Sentinel population. This triggered anxiety to the nearby polis of Seleon, which mounted a counteroffensive, checking the EBC at the Battle of Kyklopia.

Kakistargyrion then orders the commander Viferus to besiege Bylazora, a recently created polis that became the representative polis of Ligouria. This was seen as a threat to another Sphere polis Argyria, which assisted Bylazora in defending against the EBC attack. Incensed, Viferus attacks Argyria, and takes the polis and enslaving its citizens. This results in the creation of the Koinon Syllogon, created by Antimachos Argyrios, a refugee from Argyria.

EBC initially suffers defeats at the hands of the Koinon Syllogon, suffering a huge loss at the Battle of Plataia at the Eschate region right at the foot of the Chalepos mountains. All while this is going on, EBC encounters ninjas, and it actively imprisons them to test their rations such as pizzas, making the ninjas suffer (resulting in them pledging allegiance to the spheres, first starting with Areus Megas in the Mundane Exploration of Cyan Sphere of Doom). Viferus is then relieved of his duty, demoted as a secondary commander. He is replaced by a more cunning satrap Militius, who created false "rogue" baby bands who pretended to be peaceful. With greater knowledge of the spheres, Militius engages in swift attacks, taking the Koinon Syllogon off guard at the Battle of Makrokeraia, killing Antimachos in the process.

Even though EBC won decisively and captured many poleis, EBC still couldn't take on the forces of Seleon, and it remained a thorn on the side of the EBC, despite it suffering economic damages given EBC conquest of trading partners. However, the tide of war turns against the EBC when Areus Megas goes on a misadventure, singlehandedly taking on an entire EBC warband, eliminating its leader Argentus. Areus Megas also accomplished other things, such as winning the loyalty of the newly-freed ninjas, as well as introducing some new weaponries to the Spheres that would be a key element in the creation of the Territorial Independence Army that fought against the EBC alongside its ally, the Posterity of the Sentinels. The First Lampardian War starts at G2048 with EBC attacking the polis of Phovellis.

Appearance in GameEdit

It debuts in the Mundane Exploration of Cyan Sphere of Doom as the enemy force. It later pops out in the Cyan Sphere of Doom: Galactic War and the Imperium Novum as a playable faction.

Mundane Exploration of Cyan Sphere of DoomEdit

As the adversaries of Areus, EBC put up an increasingly stiff resistance to Areus Megas. The most common of the enemy is the unarmed infantid, who has no attacks, very poor defense, and one's only defense is the deterrence it provides given that its death by collision costs Areus 2 points of life. The unarmed infantid has a suicidal counterpart, which are somewhat tougher but still is not a serious threat to Areus in general. However, the suicidal counterparts will blow upon contacting units, including his Skopos Homoios drone, making suicidal babies bit more tedious to deal with.

EBC also have several light fortifications. EBC's most common fortification is the hamburger turret, which presumably is manned by a hurler baby that throws pizza at units allied to Areus. Such pizza reduces Areus's life by 1 point. EBC also have baby camps, which spawn babies at a fixed interval. Given its status, the baby camps are resistant to explosives, which makes up the bulk of Areus's arsenal.

Cyan Sphere of Doom: Galactic War and Imperium NovumEdit

EBC is a playable faction in the game, and EBC is the horde army out of the three playable factions. EBC runs on the philosophy of expendableness and cheapness, and EBC is the only faction that does not build bases through the Mobile Construction Yard, replacing it with a worker baby.

EBC's emphasis on cheapness continues, as EBC focuses heavily on infantry, and trains all infantry on cheap and quickly built baby camps. The most base unit of the EBC is a squad of pistoleers, each carrying a small firearm manufactured by smartsmiths, although they have no protection otherwise. They are supported by other infantry, such as the grenadier babies, the explosive babies, and the flamethrower babies alongside their meager armored divisions.

Cyan Sphere of Doom: Commoners' LegionEdit

EBC is to return as a playable faction in Commoners' Legion, retaining the quantity-over-quality playstyle that encourages mass infantry. Unlike the previous game in which EBC had very little redeeming value asides from easier building construction, EBC is to feature tactical options so that the mass infantry are actually usable in function other than meat shield/diversion.

Whereas the previous game made it so that spam-centric play would have to rely more on the pistoleers, the EBC of Commoners' Legion will be able to balance between the Shooters and the Hurlers early game in a fashion very similar to the Ork early game of Dawn of War I, the latter being able to field Shoota Boyz and Slugga Boyz at Tier 1.

Most notable about the EBC is their strength in defense, as they have many morale-boosting methods no less potent than those of the TIA when it comes to defense, which includes but not limited to the morale bonus provided by the Chamber of Toys. Second unique trait of the EBC is their low investment in structures, meaning EBC structure construction outside logistical lines suffer massively reduced penalties, an important issue as EBC's individual units are fragile and thus benefit quite a bit from shelter.

Although EBC can employ a defensive playstyle, EBC is best played aggressively against the most vulnerable part of the enemy: EBC's unique mechanic of salvaging makes logistics much less of a problem if they can deal great damage to the enemy. In addition, looting will also provide a temporary boost to unit reinforcement and requisition speed, allowing EBC to overwhelm an opponent caught off guard.

At an glanceEdit

Faction Color: Red and Yellow

Playstyle: Continual pressure backed by rapid expansion

Preferred fields of operation: gently sloped ground or flat ground

Strengths: powerful economy based on rapid expansion, cheap units, easy territorial claim, low tech hills

Weakness: very weak individual units, no air force


  • Kakistargyrion
Emphasis on Cheap Army
  • -10% Cost on all units and buildings.
  • Big Guns have +25% Range and has increased accuracy.
  • Unique Ability: Free Bounty - Receive a set amount of Requisition.
  • Viferus
Emphasis on Enforcers
  • Enforcers cost 25% Less, and have 20% More HP.
  • Enforcers increases nearby infantry's movement speed by 10%
  • Unique Ability: Enforcer Cadre - Instantly spawn an Enforcer Squad.
  • Militius
Emphasis on Mobility
  • Vehicles move 15% Faster.
  • Shelters have +50% Durability.
  • Unique Ability: Tunnel - Select two Shelters to become connected to each other, allowing units to move from each Shelter to another.





  • Squad Leader
  • Baby Boss
  • Big Smartsmith


Prologue-only Campaign UnitsEdit

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