Ethelontes, (pl. Ethelontai), is a volunteer Lagikos serving in a Lagikoi army.


These are the freedom fighters, all too eager to fight the oppressors (i.e. EBC) that imposed oppressive regimes, exploitative ruling class, and other bad conditions. Most of them are volunteers who lost their livelihood to the EBC's encroachment on the environment, thus robbing them of their food supply. They make up for the lack of sophisticated equipment with the love of the idea of freedom and nationalism. Most Lagikoi are also equipped with homemade molotov cocktails, which were supplied in plentiful amounts given the generally very high availability of Ergamata oil, the fuel of choice for most Lagikoi poleis.

Equipments and performanceEdit

Cyan Sphere of Doom: First Galactic War and Imperium NovumEdit

Ethelontai tend to be much more well-equipped than a Shooter Baby or a Hurler Baby, as unlike the Infantids, Spheres tend to be far more industrial. In general, a Volunteer Lagikos is armed with a Mechanikon Hoplon Α (at least in First Lampardian War standards) alongside various equipments. The most common of the side equipment is molotov cocktails, although Volunteer Lagikos tend to equip themselves with different tactical equipments that they can afford, including Psalchic Thrane Juice, various lethal and tactical grenades, mines, engineering kits, and even drone control. In fact, the distinction with the Rocket Sphere is very slim, only the fact that the Rocket Spheres are pretty much specialized into anti-armor purposes as established by Command and Conquer style type matchups, and even less with the Officers, who tend to be equipped better but in a similar fashion to the Volunteers.

Not only that, Ethelontes generally have higher morale than their invaders, given that the Ethelontes tend to be vehement in their attachment to territory. Given the higher morale, better equipment, and somewhat better physical attributes, they are generally able to outmaneuver and outfight most EBC forces, especially when supported by armor divisions and fast attack squads such as the Hovercyclers.


Lagikos ExegetesEdit

  • Skopoi: These brave light infantry, alongside their more battle-minded Peripolai brethren, are good basic infantry that helps defend our territories from invaders. To minimize chance of detection and to increase mobility and hearing, Skopoi travel in smaller groups, and they eschew heavy weapons for the same reasons. Nonetheless, Skopoi will definitely earn their keep as scouts and skirmishers, or if equipped to do so, demolition, target spotting, or sniping.
  • Peripolai: They represent the heart and soul of the Lagikoi: freedom-loving men who will fight with their lives to fight oppressors. They are brave volunteers like the Skopoi brethren. Unlike the Skopoi, the Peripolai are placed in larger bands, since Peripolai are battle squads that are tasked with fighting in the frontline. Given such distinctions, Peripolai use heavy equipments like the grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, and even anti-tank recoilless guns.

Posterity MentisEdit

  • Skopoi: These lightly armed infantry are good soldiers. While they don't have the advanced equipment that we do, they can take on task asked of a scout: they can scout, they can harass, and if needed, provide support. If they have access to specialized equipment, they are more than what they seem. They are reliable as long as the commander is aware of their limitations.
  • Peripolai: The most common infantry that our Lagikoi allies field, Peripolai are quite diverse, and they use variety of equipments, so one Peripolai group might have antipersonnel fire, while other squad might deal with vehicles. While more professional troops like those of the Arche will win in a direct fight, the Peripolai are amongst the most versatile and cost-effective, an undeniable advantage that our allies hold.

Infantid SmartsmithEdit

  • Skopoi: One of these bad bunnies are stronger than one of us. However, there are fewer of these bad bunnies than us, and more of us can defeat these bad bunnies. I believe the most of the bad bunnies come in small or big groups. Those in the small groups tend to be less likely to fight head on.
  • Peripolai: One of these bad bunnies are stronger than one of us. However, there are fewer of these bad bunnies than us, and more of us can defeat these bad bunnies. I believe the most of the bad bunnies come in small or big groups. Those in the big groups can be dangerous, since they often carry big guns or boomy things that can shoot us down very fast.

Imperial EmpeiriosEdit

  • Skopoi: Like all competent armies, the Lagikoi employ light scout troops such as these. While these troops at the very basic level have equipments which are basically equal to their battle brothers, their choice of advanced equipments are oriented towards indirect utility over direct battle power.
  • Peripolai: These constitute the bulk of the Lagikoi infantry. They are adequately equipped and trained, although our troopers are far superior. Despite this, they should not be treated lightly: they can deal with nearly all threats and in numbers, can even defeat our men. Take advantage of their tendency to use heavy weapons, which tends to make such troops better at holding static position than mobile combat. Avoiding entrenched positions that they create is the ideal solution as Sun Tzu would say. However, should a direct confrontation be inevitable, soften the position with artillery as the Peripolai are not heavily armored.

Libertarian AdviserEdit

  • Skopoi: These are the light units of the collectivist rabbits. They are of enough quality to pose a challenge to our cultists. While our cultists can be given equipments to help them win, these units will probably not try to fight us on open grounds. Do mind their urban combat capabilities: their molotovs make a great counter to garrisoned troops.
  • Peripolai: These make up the bulk of the TIA infantry. While an individual squad of these aren't the greatest threat, just enough to threaten our cultists, they become much more potent threat when given heavy weapons. As much as we hate to credit collectivists with anything, but these troops are quite good with their heavy weapons, and they can stymie forces that are seemingly stronger than them with remarkable efficiency.

In GameEdit

Volunteer Sphere
First Galactic War and Imperium Novum Game Data
Hit points 50
Armor 0 Light
Cost 25 ore
Build time 35 acts
Weapon Mechanikon Hoplon (3 AP damage, 15 acts)
Production and Tech Requirements Dojo (Strategion), None

Cyan Sphere of Doom: First Galactic War and Imperium NovumEdit

Volunteer Spheres appear as a basic infantry in the Territorial Independence Army faction. They are cheaply and quickly trained, and are relatively durable infantry (especially as the Posterity of Sentinels have no infantry). They also easily outperform Pistol Babies, even more so with their molotov cocktail ability.

Molotov Cocktail is an ability unique to the Volunteer Spheres. it has a cooldown of 200 acts, and it is immediately available as soon as the Volunteer Sphere is trained. A sphere throws the cocktail, leaving a fire trail that does damage over time to all who are near it, including allies. However, given that the flame type weapons do very limited damage to vehicles, and given the low DPS of the molotov, it is only useful at checking infantry.

They also benefit from Genetic Engineering Upgrade, which allows them to restore health in the field. Although it is slow and thus of minimal importance in battle, it is very useful against slow enemies, as it allows the injured Spheres to regenerate health.

Commoners' Legion Game Data
Hit points 400 per squad member
Armor Infantry
Cost 300 requisition, reinforcement 100 requisition
Production and Tech Requirements Bouleterion
Squad Size (starting/maximum) 3/6
Basic Weapon (clip/reserve ammo) Mechanikon Hoplon (30/300), Molotov cocktail (1/9), Knife (n/a)
Support Equipment Options Makrobolos, Skopos Homoios, Demolition Trap
Max Support Equipment 2
Commoners' Legion Game Data
Hit points 440 per squad member
Armor Infantry
Cost 500 requisition, reinforcement 125 requisition
Production and Tech Requirements Strategion
Squad Size (starting/maximum) 4/10
Basic Weapon (clip/reserve ammo) Mechanikon Hoplon (30/300), Molotov cocktail (1/9), Knife (n/a)
Support Equipment Options Pyrobolos Barys, Prosboletes, Extended Clips
Max Support Equipment 3

Ε.Α.Β.Ε: Commoners' LegionEdit

Ethelontes return as a tier 1 infantry, but are divided into the regular combat squads and scout squads, dubbed Peripolai and Skopoi respectively. As expected, the Skopoi serve skirmishing and support roles, while the Peripolai serve as the most accessible mainline unit of the Lagikoi infantry forces.

Both the Skopoi and Peripolai can use most of the one-shot support weapon items, such as the Rhabdos Aretes. The Rhabdos Aretes Haplous allows the Ethelontes to fend off against vehicles, although the Rhabdos Aretes Haplous models that they can get are one shot weapons. They can compensate for this by getting a dummy rocket as well, which grants the squad increased accuracy on the proceeding shot provided that the user doesn't move.