First Lampardian War
Part of Lampardian Wars
Date Deuteric 3rd of Men Kosmikon, 4 ΑΚΠ - Proteric 9th of Proteromen, 5 ΑΚΠ
Location Meizotere Hellas
Result Exodus of libertarians due to terms of Conference of Masos
Pella and various non-libertarian Poleis Right-libertarians
Commanders and leaders
Kallistrata Pellaia, Skopas, Usuma Al-Shadid, Wally Stoneman Amy Rimmin, Zachariah Volens, Andy Nairm
Various militias and citizen-armies of the non-libertarian poleis Various libertarian militias and paramilitary
Casualties and losses
Moderate Heavy

Eleutherian War is a minor war fought in Meizotere Hellas, mainly between the hard-right libertarians and those who did not subscribe to their ideology.