Braxis Peninsula (Lagic Greek: Βράξις) is one of the regions of Megale Patris. It is one of the harshest regions of Polysiton, as well as the region in which the great polis of Seleon located. Braxis is of great importance not only as a region in which Seleon exists, but also as one of the focal points of trade with the Zyngian Lagikoi, notably those of Emporion.


Braxis is a harsh region in Lagikoi perspective (at least that of Seleon), given that the site of Seleon is bordered by the Mount Helion, which makes agriculture somewhat more difficult as Seleonites must expand more to the other directions to farm. In addition, Braxis has a good share of forests, something that separates Seleon from the Braxis River, which results in the separation of Seleon from its port Kainon. Although the hostile fauna (something that is a rarity in Polysiton) has been rooted out by the Seleonites, the forest still is an inconvenience to the Seleonites (as well as naval trading partners) for a time being. Braxis is also a region that takes part in having the Biophora aquifer underneath, meaning that fresh water isn't a problem in Braxis, and most certainly not in Seleon.

It is bordered by the region of Archaia to the north, the region of Arrybia to the east, and the region of Philolimen to the south.

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