Battle of Argyria may mean either the First Battle of Argyria, fought between the Evil Baby Corporation and the Koinon Syllogon, and the Second Battle of Argyria, fought between the Eleutheroi and the Evil Baby Corporation. Both battles were EBC victories.

First Battle of ArgyriaEdit

Battle of Argyria
Part of First Lampardian War
Date November 15, G2056
Location Argyria
Result Major Evil Baby Corporation Victory
Koinon Syllogon Evil Baby Corporation
Commanders and leaders
Antimachos ArgyriosViferus
Casualties and losses
Heavy Moderate

Second Battle of ArgyriaEdit

Battle of Argyria
Part of First Lampardian War
Date May 26, G2062
Location Argyria
Result Decisive Evil Baby Corporation Victory
Eleutheroi Evil Baby Corporation
Commanders and leaders
Areus Megas, Charim, Glaukon Marides Phovellios† Militius, Viferus
Argyria Garrison
  • 12 slightly depleted taxeis pezikai, for about 10,000 men and 200 tanks

Left Wing

  • 6 fairly depleted taxeis harmatikai, for about 4,200 men and 200 tanks

Right Wing

  • 6 fairly depleted taxeis harmatikai, for about 4,200 men and 200 tanks

Forces recalled from Seleon

  • 18 full taxeis pezikai, for 18,000 men and 450 tanks
  • 12 full taxeis harmatikai, for 9,600 men and 480 tanks
Initial troops
  • 200,000 infantids
  • 4,000 light tanks
  • +10,000 lighter vehicles


  • 160,000 infantids
  • 3,200 light tanks
  • +8,000 lighter vehicles
Casualties and losses
Argyria Garrison: Complete destruction

Right Wing: Complete destruction
Left Wing: over 2,000 KIA, 1,327 WIA
Reinforcements: 1,552 KIA, 2,859 WIA
Posterity support: Minimal
Total: ~18,000 KIA, 4186 WIA, 480 tanks destroyed, 200 heavily damaged tanks, 400 lightly damaged tanks

+12,000 KIA, ~24,000 WIA, +100 tanks destroyed, +1,500 vehicles damaged


The weak point of the TIA battle plan was Seleon, and the infantids of the Evil Baby Corporation failed to take advantage of this. Meanwhile, the EBC received fresh reinforcements from its lands, further increasing their numbers. To capitalize on this, Militius launched the Operation Action Ranger, a major counteroffensive aimed at retaking territories previously recaptured by the TIA. It was more of a brute plan than a sophisticated one: its strategic outlining simply was having 4 divisions dispatched towards different directions, with Argyria marked as a critical position to capture.

Argyria was indeed a critical position: Argyria was a junction point for roads between the poleis of the southwest like Phovellis and the southeast such as Berenikaia and Pella. However, poor marksmanship and inadequacy of heavy weapons on infantid part meant the light fortifications like the Pyrgiones were more than enough to keep the infantids from taking the spot. The situation boiled into a stalemate as the infantid position near Argyria grew too great for a counteroffensive with the present garrison, and once again, Operation Action Ranger seemed to lose momentum.

However, a detachment of infantids snuck past the front, and joined with the remnant of the troops near Arrybia, which were demoralized. Nonetheless, the sudden threat towards Seleon alarmed Areus, which quickly sent back a large portion of the troops at the front to intercept the infantids. This would turn out to be a foolish mistake: this meant less troops were available to reinforce Argyria, and when the infantids attacked again with reinforcements, things went out nearly the worst possible way for the Eleutheroi.

Tactical DeploymentEdit

The weakened Eleutheroi forces were centered on 3 positions: the main garrison at Argyria, and the left and right (relative to Argyria, normal to the front) wings about 3 kilometers away from Argyria. While Areus commanded from the headquarters in Phovellis, it was Glaukon who was in charge of the actual garrison in Argyria.

Glaukon opposed the diversion of the troops from Argyria to reinforce Seleon, seeing it as a diversion by the infantids, even if it was unintended. When the troops were diverted, Glaukon immediately started to construct lighter fortifications such as sandbags and trench lines to keep the enemies at the front at bay.

Leontas and Rhesos, the commanders of the left and right wing detachments deployed to help with the defense of Argyria, was urged on by Glaukon to launch nighttime raids as to keep the infantids from trying to press on. This tactics worked for a short time: the cover of the night prevented the infantids from properly assessing the current strength of the Eleutheroi for a time being. However, these excursions also tired the Lagikoi out as well.

However, Glaukon became a bit optimistic when the troops sent towards Seleon were recalled to Argyria after the infantid threat was found out to be less than adequate and were dealt with. As the night raids have so far checked infantid offensive so far, Glaukon decided that it was safe to commence the second phase of fortification, which would prove risky. Glaukon had with him around 30 mostly full taxeis pezikai for bit less than 30,000 men: while the enemy had at least 200,000 at the fronts, the fortifications so far gave them an edge. However, with the withdrawal of the troops, Glaukon was reduced to only 12 taxeis, leaving him dangerously short-handed. While the fortification still posed a challenge towards the infantids, Argyria was dangerously at risk of being overwhelmed. Likewise, Leontas and Rhesos' wings also were shrunk down by the sudden orders to protect Seleon, with forces shrunk from 15 taxeis harmatikai each to 6 taxeis, for only 4800 men each, meaning they were outnumbered nearly 100 to 1.

While the hills at Argyria put the defensive forces in advantage, the Lagikoi failed to scout beyond the fronts, and this meant they were completely blind to the second wave of forces coming from the south.

Initation of BattleEdit

The infantids were initially unwilling to advance towards Argyria, since Argyria's defensive have rebuffed their superior numbers again and again. However, seeing that the night raids stopped, the infantids believed their enemy to be tired, and started to advance towards the wings.

The infantids spread wide across the front as they advanced, so the Lagikoi could not outflank them. Nonetheless, the wings of the Eleutheroi put up a good fight: they still had working tanks fast enough to harry the infantids: the wings could continue to put up this "retreat and fire" method to buy enough time to receive reinforcements recalled from Seleon.

However, the Eleutheroi wings giving ground left Argyria completely cut off from support, and the fortification efforts have tired out the already dangerously short-handed garrison. The infantids, now having surrounded Argyria completely, swarmed against the now isolated polis. Glaukon sent an urgent request for help, so the wings gave up the original plan and charged headlong trying to break the enemy formation, which would ultimately turn out to be futile. Initially, the wing forces' tanks were able to inflict some damage to the infantids, but there were just too many of them, and more came from the south, and eventually the forces at the wings were encircled themselves and were soon fighting to the death.

The forces returning to Argyria was shocked to see massive number of infantids having crossed the front now at the verge of taking Argyria. The returning troops were also tired from the forced march, so they too weren't in a good condition. Nonetheless, saving Argyria was seen as a priority, and like the wings, they too attempted to break through the infantids using their powerful tanks. However, Argyria fell to the infantids with the last of the garrison wiped out, and the reinforcement was forced to retreat, saving a few survivors from the left wing that they were able to make contact with as they drove into the infantid ranks.


Another defeat at Argyria was quite a traumatizing experience for the Lagikoi, who have already experienced a tragic defeat at the said location that resulted in the subjugation of most of the poleis at the southwest. Many feared that the infantids could once again outdo even the TIA, and poleis lost faith in the TIA as a protector of the poleis except Seleon. With Lagikoi losing hope, the Sentinels had to do with their personnel to keep the infantids from advancing forward. The guerilla efforts have kept the infantids at bay, although they found that an serious gathering of troops attempting to take an area might be too much for the widespread guerilla forces to handle.

The successful capture of Argyria have provided great morale boost towards the infantids, who have previously thought the Lagikoi fortification to be of great threat. While the commanders still thought twice before attacking towers, they could rest assured that the troops would attack such position if ordered. Not only that, this sent Militius' confidence sky high, and he planned an attack on the TIA headquarters at Phovellis itself. Militius gathered up scraps from the TIA forces at the battle of Argyria, alongside other manufactured parts across the occupied territories to build airships, so that they could circumvent the forested regions where the guerillas lurked and strike also from the sea, after Telemantros at the closest point to Phovellis was dealt with. Since Lagikoi had no tradition of aerial warfare, this strategy would have turned out very well since Lagikoi poleis possessed on anti-air weapons.

The looted jet planes which were looted as early as Areus's Expedition alongside the Arrybian border, alongside their newly built airships, set out towards Telemantros, setting the stage for the Battle of Telemantros.