Bathron Hoplikon is a general term for a usually-mobile heavy weapons platform. This term is used by the TIA and the Arche, although they also consider the Sphatamaka Canbon of the Lagikoanthropoi a type of Bathron Hoplikon.


The Bathron Hoplikon are one of the most popular and common source of mechanized heavy fire support in the TIA and Imperial forces. The Bathron Hoplikon is fundamentally a vehicle with a modular weapon system that can be replaced rather easily, and the Hellenic Bathra are most commonly found as tracked vehicles.

As Bathron Hoplikon operates in a modular fashion, with weapon modules highly standardized (more so in Imperial forces than the TIA), Bathron Hoplikon serves as a general support weapon, whether it be equipped with a machine-gun type of weapon for antipersonnel/suppressive fire, an artillery gun, antiaircraft gun, a large caliber gun for direct assault, flamethrowers, etc.. This makes Bathron Hoplikon a great symbol of versatility, and as stated above it is a popular choice of support for many Imperial and Sphere commanders.



The Imperial variant of the Bathron tend to have in addition some Hellenistic weaponries rearranged to fit the settings. A main armament that is popular is the Oxybeles which launch high-speed bolt akin to the high-velocity armor piercing rounds, and as expected, such bolts are effective against armor.

Although the most common variant of the Bathron is the mobile tracked Ballistra model, there are stationary variants as well, often equipped with the heaviest of the Imperial vehicle-based weapons and artilleries available.

Sphatamaka CanbonEdit

Lagikanthropoi also employ something akin to the Bathron Hoplikon in the form of the Sphatamaka Canbon. It is a hovering platform of magitech with a crystal core, usually manned by 3-4 Lagikanthropoi. Whereas the Bathron was built primarily for war, the Canbon are civilian platforms used in things like construction converted for battle. As such, it is usual for Sphatamaka Canbon not to have any subweaponries, although cunning Lagikanthropoi may add makeshift attachments to it. Its primary weapon is the crystalline laser, which packs quite a punch especially against vehicles, and to a lesser extent, infantry provided that they are clumped enough.