Shamefur Dispray
Species Babies
Affiliation Evil Baby Corporation
Location Polysiton
Game Data
Hit Points 25,000
Armaments Money bags, Pacifier bombs, Pizzas, Baby Fighter Honor Guard

Argentus is the final boss of the game Mundane Exploration of Cyan Sphere of Doom. He is the leader of a EBC warband that destroyed a Sentinel headquater encountered by Areus Megas.


Argentus is first introduced in level 14 of the game, making a transmission to Areus Megas through the newly acquired transmitter, stating "This is our premises, so you can kiss your land goodbye. 'laugh.'" He makes no appearances between that and the final level, where he is challenged by Areus to a fight to the death.


Argentus is a very powerful foe: for starter, he is very tough, and his attacks are very deadly and frequent. He casts one of these abilities in random once he lands on a platform.

  • Hurl 5 pizzas simulatenously in a conic fashion.
  • Summon 6 baby fighters from his honor guard
  • Throw a bundle of pacifier bombs and money bags. 

He will also retaliate on nearby units allied to the player or Areus himself if they get too close by throwing a pizza.


Pacifier bombs are harmful to both Areus and his companions, although it will not trigger on contact from Posterity units, Kyriakos Leptos, or the Skopos Homoios. However, should a companion trigger the bomb, the subsequent explosion will destroy the Skopos Homoios drone. Money bags are harmful while in the air, although it is harmless once it lands. When picked up while it is on the ground, it will grant Areus some funds, although it is meaningless at that point since the pads do not spawn new bombers. Baby fighters are annoying given that it will take 2 points of life away from Areus, but having some rocket companions will easily repel such threats.

The best approach to beating Argentus is to stick to the upperleft platform that host a helipad, and turtle it with the drones and the healing center. To attack Argentus, throw every long ranged attacks at him (with the exception of the drones if needed), while summoning rocket spheres at the central platforms to pelt Argentus and any nearby fighters. If willing, it is possible for you to close up on Argentus to hit him with a Destinybringer attack, although it is not recommended as it is possible for Areus to take several pizzas at once.