Aphrantis (Sphere Greek Αφράντις) is one of the continents of Polysiton, located southwest of Megale Patris separated by the Strait of Aps that separates the upper portion of Aphrantis from the region of Polyphora and Samilos. Aphrantis is far smaller than Megale Patris, and is roughly the same size as Zyngos and the combined landmasses of Lampra and Theresalia.

Internal GeographyEdit

Aphrantis is divided into three main portions: the uppermost portion is the Trinakrion, and it is the closest region to Megale Patris, and thus is considered the most developed until the rise of Rhakotis as a new power in the southern region of Libye. Below Trinakrion is the Sinai peninsula, which conects both Trinakrion and Libye. Sinai is somewhat of a backwater, although the polis of Halphiai means that it isn't a complete wilderness. To the west of Sinai is the Libye, which is very similar to Northern Africa given the very close similarity between the Menelos River and the Neilos. At the delta of the Menelos is the polis of Rhakotis, and it is with Telemantros the powerhouses of the Aphrantis region.


Aphrantis is by far the most diverse of all Polysiton, as Polysiton's equator crosses the Sinai Peninsula, as well as a portion of Notia in Megale Patris. Trinakrion is considered one of the most forested region of Polysiton asides the continent of Zyngos itself, while Libye and Sinai are the most arid regions of Polysiton, which doesn't mean that they are deserts. To the contrary, Libye is mostly grasslands, and only the western fringes of Libye is actually desert and hence considered one of the few regions to be classified as Eremos.






  • Aphrantis is inspired by two landmasses: the upper part of Aphrantis, Trinakrion, is inspired by Sicily, while the lower part of Aphrantis, Libye and Sinai, are based on the Neilos Valley and the real Sinai peninsula respectively.