Andy Nairm
Biography/Personal Data
Date of Birth February 2, 2001
Current Residence Randia
Race Human
Mass 73 kg
Height 184 cm
Likes Free Market
Dislikes Statism
Magic rating 0

Andy Nairm is the leader of the Tropas Libre, and one of the leading libertarians in Segmentum Asia.


Andy Nairm was the "special" guy when it comes to the Randian community: his date of birth is exactly 96 years after that of Ayn Rand, thus some consider him to be the future John Galt who will deliver the people from the hands of freedom-taking government. He would spend most of his young adult years in the ship that would head for Meizotere Hellas, where he heard the rumors that he would be the new John Galt by some of the libertarians in the ship.


  • His name is an anagram of Ayn Rand, and can be rearranged into I(')m Ayn Rand.