Aktinobolos is a umbrella term for ranged Thermal Ray weapon for the Hellenophones, although it is most frequently used to refer to the Aktinobolos Kanonikos, the standard service weapon for Arche Hellenike forces. While ray weapons are also used by other factions, such as the Lagikanthropoi, Aktinoboloi are most often associated with the Arche Hellenike as the other primary Hellenophone civilization, the Lagikoi, haven't developed its own such weapons yet.


Infantry WeaponsEdit

Aktinobolos KanonikosEdit

Aktinobolos Kanonikos is the service weapon for Arche Hellenike infantry, used primarily by Akrobolistai and the Grenadieroi. Aktinoboloi Kanonikoi guns have longer range and better accuracy than a standard ballistic rifle, and it is also effective against softer targets like infantry. However, the mechanism of an Aktinobolos makes them much less effective when fired rapidly.

Aktinobolos AkribesEdit

Aktinobolos Akribes are more specialized form of Aktinobolos: whereas it has a low rate of fire, it makes up for it with greater range and firepower, effectively rendering the Akribes as designated marksman rifles. Even with the higher firepower, they still become significantly weaker outside of effective range, and cannot be used as sniper rifles.

Aktinobolos EktekosEdit

The Aktinobolos Ektekos is one of the many variants of heavy Aktinobolos weapons. It is in essence a weaponised cutter, shooting a powerful beam effective against infantry and vehicle alike. However, these require significant amount of power to operate, and such Polyaktinoboloi are the preferred support weapon of choice if only infantry are considered. The Ektekos is also popular weapon of choice for Philhellenikoi Kosmonautai, as these are not only effective against infantry but also can be used to a great effect against heavier vehicles, something that the Bolos Patagikos is not so effective against.


The standard problem of a Aktinobolos comes from the weapon mechanism: The Aktinobolos must charge for a brief time before it can fire a deadly beam: whereas such beams are in general stronger than a standard ballistic bullet and much more accurate at range, it causes the weapon to have a brief delay, and also much less effective when rapidly fired. The Polyaktinobolos is a rotary variant of the Aktinobolos aimed at resolving the firing rate issue of the Aktinobolos. Such weapons are used mostly in entrenched position, as the power consumption of such weapons is not unexpectedly much higher than a standard Aktinobolos and thus heavy power packs are required. As Aktinobolos, these are of some use against light vehicles much more so than a standard ballistic weapon. As the Polyaktinobolos is essentially the analogue to a machine gun, it is often also used as secondary weapons for vehicles as well.