The Seven Wonders of Segmentum Asia is what it sounds like: remarkable constructions of Segmentum Asia without an fairly equitably comparable counterpart. Unlike more ancient wonders, the Seven Wonders of Segmentum Asia are primarily known for its function rather than beauty.

They are considered the most classical of the big projects that the sentient species have undertaken in Segmentum Asia, as there are later projects that matches their grandeur.


Wonder Builder Location Purpose
Phrontisterion of Meizon Pella Arche Hellenike Meizon Pella, Meizotere Hellas Education, Research
Great Industrial Complex of Euxeine Sematia Aiakida Proteuousa, Euxeine Industrial Production
The Great Beacon of Antigoneia Arche Hellenike Antigoneia, Meizotere Hellas Guiding Spaceships
Titans' Nest Tropas Libre Galt's Gulch, Randia Resort
Great Agora of Rhakotis Rhakotean Nomarchy Rhakotis, Polysiton Large-scale Commercial Marketplace
The Palace of Equality and Peace Posterity of The Sentinels New Adwa, Notia Province, Polysiton Museum, Diplomatic meeting grounds
Great Temple of Goriganaran Shuranon Goriganaran, Luxium Religious pilgrimage site


While these wonders are considered the 7 classical wonders of Segmentum Asia, there also other large completed or almost completed projects that could be considered wonders.

Very Large Solar Screen of EuxeineEdit

Euxeine, as an Earth-sized satellite of Polysiton which is not tidally locked to Polysiton, is spaced considerably far from its home planet, almost 6 times the distance between Gaia and Selene. While the absolute magnitude of such distance seems small compared to that of Polysiton and its parent star Lampardion, but significant enough to cause signficant temperature changes as its inclination is largely in alignment with Polysiton's orbit around Lampardion. To combat such heat waves, Sematia constructed a vast array of space panels that can absorb the solar energies of Lampardion, with the added benefit of blocking some of such radiation from heating Euxeine in its "summer season". The solar screen also has the added benefit of being infrastructure for the later spaceport.

Pandidakterion of TheodosionEdit